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After more than ten years of experience as an associate of Anglo-Saxon law firms and general counsel of an international group, Benjamin Sellem which has a dual competence in business law and new technology law founded the firm KLINT to meet the needs of innovative companies and leaders in their industry.  
Benjamin has advised international groups in their capital raising and mergers and acquisitions operations and has successfully represented clients in numerous complex and strategic commercial cases.
Faced with the increasing complexity of regulations and the overlapping legislation, KLINT is innovating by bringing together several experienced lawyer partners, each with a leading expertise in a specific area of law.
For each new case, KLINT assembles a tailored team of lawyers experienced, in the legal field of your case, in order to advise you and protect your interest with the highest level of expertise.  
Our law firm allows our clients to build innovative strategies, manage their legal exposure, and make their transactions quicker and safer in a smart way.


KLINT enhances the security of your transactions by:

- Clear and precise legal advice throughout your operation
- Experience of high level operations to assist you effectively
- The possible use of the electronic signature of your transaction from your account
- Secure archiving of your transaction in an electronic safe
KLINT accelerates the conclusion of your transactions thanks to:
- Writing your documents remotely without moving
- Online signing by all parties of your transaction
- Online meetings, in particular by videoconferencing
KLINT assures you: 
- The availability of our firm to advise you at every step of your file
- The follow-up of your file to be informed in real time of its progress
- A timely response to each of your requests
KLINT offers you:
- A saving of time thanks to the complete dematerialization of your operation
- The protection of your documents from any loss or deterioration
- An innovative image vis-à-vis your partners and the reduction of your ecological footprint

Souhaitant offrir une compétence du niveau des plus grands cabinets internationaux, votre dossier n’est  traité que par des avocats disposant d’une parfaite connaissance des domaines juridiques en jeu.  Notre cabinet a noué des accords avec des cabinets au sein des 28 pays de l’Union Européenne pour  défendre vos intérêts partout en Europe et y développer votre entreprise en toute sécurité juridique.